Menstrual cup

99.00kr inkl. moms

  • Made of medical silicone.
  • Alternative to tampons and pads.
  • Can use it in the shower.
  • Medium size.
Menstrual cup

99.00kr inkl. moms

Menstrual cup can be used by all women and is an economical and ecologically smart alternative to disposable menstrual protection. Menstrual cup is a reusable feminime.
It is easy to use, and is a safe and hygienic alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. The Menstrual cup is made of medical silicone, a hypoallergenic and latexfree material that is safe even for people with allergies and sensitive mucous membranes. A sanitary protection cups is folded and inserted in the same way as a tampon. The cup collects the bleeding and you empty it and wash it, and use it again. You can even shower and bathe with our Menskopp without worries. So think about the environment and the wallet and invest in a Menskopp.
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