Fitnessplate Future 3D

6,244.00kr inkl. moms

  • Minimal stress
  • Increases fat-burning
  • Deep micro-vibrations
  • Strengthens muscles and joints
  • Over 10,000 satisfied users
  • 15 minutes corresponds to 60 minutes circuit training
Fitnessplate Future 3D

6,244.00kr inkl. moms

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Are you looking to increase fat-burning while strengthening your muscles and joints simultaneously? Then FitnessPlate Future 3D could be the right choice for you!

With our unique FitnessPlate you take your vibration training to the next level. With short, fast, up-and-down movements, it rocks your body, and with the help of these shakes/vibrations, activates muscles you can’t reach through conventional exercise, or that you didn’t even know existed. The product also has a deep micro-vibration function which is used in classical vibration training. 15 minutes of exercise on the FitnessPlate corresponds to about 60 minutes of circuit training at the gym, as the vibrations activate your muscles at a much deeper level. The effect of this is that you use up to 50% more of your muscle mass. Your workout becomes more efficient quickly and fat-burning increases significantly. As fat-burning increases, rapid weight loss becomes more likely.

In addition to increased fat burning and weight loss, FitnessPlate has a whole host of other beneficial and strengthening effects:


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Weight18 kg
Dimensions75 × 45 × 14 cm

2000 kw


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