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Do you suffer from pain and/or fibromyalgia? Do you have difficulty sleeping or resting? Then a weighted blanket could be the solution for you!

According to studies, weighted blankets have been shown to work very well on various kinds of both serious and less serious problems, such as sleep, worry, aches and pains. The weight of the blanket allows you to relax and get the optimal sleep, by sleeping deeper and waking up less often during the night. The hugging function also releases the healing, feel-good hormone, oxytocin, in the body – which has a suppressive effect on worry, anxiety, depression, etc. This way your well-being increases, you feel better and it leads to better health as the stress hormones in the body decrease.

We have weighted blankets to suit everyone regardless of the problem. Our weighted blankets are tested and are very high quality with proven effects. Our updated quilts from TrendRehab in particular have a padding thickness of just 2 mm and that makes them extra sustainable. Feel free to read more information about our weighted blankets on the product pages below.

  • 3 kg is suitable for children weighing between 10-40 kg
  • 5 kg is suitable for children and adults weighing between 50 – 60 kg.
  • 7 kg is suitable for people weighing between 60 – 80 kg.
  • 9 kg is suitable for people weighing between 80 – 95 kg.
  • 11 kg is suitable for people weighing between 95 – 120 kg.
  • 13,6 is suitable for 2 people.


Weighted blankets

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