About us


TrendRehab is a company that works with specially designed products that will help you in your treatment. We call ourselves professionals on self-care. To invest in your own health can prove to be a very wise investment. Often we wait too long before we decided to find tools for our body to feel good and work in mold operations. Today most very stressful repetitive and time-pushing jobs that require a lot of time and energy.

We are constantly adapting our products to the needs of the customer. We are therefore very responsive when we meet customers in the future to find new products for our customers. We are always in the forefront when it comes to products and buy from us, you can expect to have the very latest in self-care.

Trend Rehab has long worked out simple utility that maintains your body to prevent you getting into disorder swamp. Our products are functional and very affordable.

If you buy TrendRehabs products, you can expect high quality service and professional treatment.

We always give two year warranty on our products. Many of our products are built on a modular system, this means that products can be reused for a very long time when we are environmentally conscious.


Our goal is to give you an opportunity to treat you effectively using our products.


We have our offices in Umeå and Gävle.