About us

We´re a company that works with products that are specifically designed to help you with self-care. Investing in your own health may turn out to be invaluable. A lot of people have a tendency to wait until something unwanted happens before starting to focus on your own health. We´re here to help with both situations. If something already has happened, or if you want to try and make sure your body remains healthy and pain free

We´re always trying to develop our products to meet the always changing needs of our customers. Which means we´re very responsive to customer feedback. We always offer the latest products and remain in the forefront when it comes to self-care products and when you shop from us you will notice this.

Trendrehab has during a long period of time developed simple tools that will help you to stay away from chronic day to day pain. Our products are functional and very price worthy.

When purchasing from Trendrehab you can expect high service and professional customer service.

We always offer a two year warranty on our products. The majority of our products are built on a modular system which means the products can be used for a long time and will remain efficient. Not having to constantly buy new products is good for the environment, which is something we always have in mind.

Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and cost effective way to treat yourself with our products.

Something that has always been a goal at Trendrehab since the get go is wellness. We want to be your “one stop shop” when it comes to self-care. We always strive to get better, so if you feel something is missing from the products we offer, please express this to us, and what you feel is missing.